Hello! We are Edwin & Serene, part-time travellers and newlyweds based in Singapore. We believe in collecting experiences and we are highly passionate about seeking adventure and seeing the world beyond this tiny island we call home.

Our dream is to travel the world and one day become full-time travellers. Till then, this is where we document stories and snapshots of our adventures abroad. We will also share our recommendations and travel tips on the places we’ve visited, including how you can do it without burning a hole in your pocket! We hope you’ll stick around!


Edwin is a part-time ocean freight analyst and full-time koala (read: eat 2 hours, sleep 22 hours). He loves nature and can stare at the mountains or seas for hours with a cup of coffee.

Serene is a part-time poet and full-time dreamer. She loves the endless outdoors but equally enjoys cosying in bed with a good book. She writes to make sense of the beautiful madness of this world.