• Phang Nga Bay: Phuket’s Tourism Done Right

    When Edwin and I visited Phuket three years ago, like any excited tourist, one of the activities we did was elephant trekking. Only returning back to Singapore did we realise that behind the facade of these majestic wild animals, are cruel practices that abuse them to become docile and obedient. With this knowledge in mind, we decided against animal tourism in our recent trip to Phuket. Instead, we chose to spend a day exploring Phang Nga Bay on John Gray's Sea Canoe.

  • Rome: The Eternal City

    There is a reason why they call Rome "The Eternal City". It feels like you have travelled back in time to the Roman empire. Ruins are scattered across the city and you can stumble upon pieces of them wherever you go. Despite the grandeur of the city with numerous major landmarks, we didn't enjoy Rome as much as Florence or Venice partly because Rome was just too hot. It was 37 degrees on the afternoon we arrived.

  • Romancing Florence

    The skies were clear, a remarkable shade of blue. Our guide, Alessio, said that it was one of the best weather he had experienced on the tour! I was certainly not complaining that the wind was sweeping my hair into a tangled mess, or that the seat of the Vespa had burnt my butt. I literally felt like a movie star in a period film, romanced by a handsome Italian man (a girl can dream :P)